Preventive Medicine

When we mention preventive medicine, clients often think of vaccinations. Vaccinations are an important part of your pet’s preventive care needs, but it’s not the only part of your pet’s preventive care needs.

Some people ask, why does the City of Fort Worth want me to get a yearly examination? Why shouldn’t I just go to a vaccination clinic? The answer is that there are many potential problems that we can identify during an exam, problems that are easier, safer, and more affordably handled early rather than later.

Have we ever told you that your pet has issues with his or her teeth? We would rather clean and protect your pet’s teeth when it is a relatively quick procedure, and the condition is not threatening your pet’s life. But we have seen animals year after year, with deteriorating dental conditions, until finally they come in with an acute issue… like a softball sized abscess protruding from their jaw. That’s a preventable illness, and that’s why we have yearly exams.

Other things we look for include issues involving major organs, joint issues, and hormonal issues. We advise a full blood panel each year to identify potential problems before they become big problems.

Remember, many illnesses are preventable or treatable if we catch them early!