Appointments on Saturdays and Sundays

We see both emergency and non-emergency appointments on Saturday and Sunday, release pets from boarding, and are available to fill prescriptions for your convenience.   We see appointments and emergencies on weekends because we know it can be difficult or impossible to take off work during the week for routine care, and because emergencies don’t take weekends off.

Sunday kitten Alien Kitty

A kitten who came to us on a Sunday, who we called Alien Kitty because of her eyes

Sundays are an interesting mix of appointments.  We see everything from routine vaccinations to dogs with acute illnesses, from simple bloodwork to emergency trauma treatment.  It requires a certain flexibility on the part of the doctor and staff because the level of activity and the skills required can vary drastically from hour to hour or even minute to minute.  We even perform spays and neuters on Sundays, so the staff sometimes has to switch from routine surgery to trauma medicine at the drop of a hat!

Orphan kitties, rescued cottontail bunnies, baby birds out of their nests, mushroom toxicity or some sort of major trauma, it seems like something exciting and interesting is always happening on Sunday.

One Sunday afternoon one of our Sunday appointments, a brand new appointment, asked us why we do it.  The answer is: for our clients.  We want to have one of our clients’ regular veterinarians to be available if their companion gets sicks over the weekend.  We don’t want them to have to ask themselves if their worry is worth an emergency fee or if the problem is worth waiting until Monday.  As always, we want our clients to make medical decisions about their pets, not financial ones.

Our weekend crew enjoys the unique challenges of weekend work because there’s just no telling what kind of cases will walk through the door.