This is an amazing story. And a testament to the importance of microchipping.

Mike Nuanes, who lives in Denver, got a call from Atlanta Animal Control Services telling him they had his dog.  Nuanes has four dogs, and they were all in his yard.  He had lost his dog, Jordan, so many years before that it didn’t even occur to him that could be who they were calling about.

So he thought they were making a mistake.  How would any of his dogs have gotten to Atlanta, anyway?  It turns out that the dog who had been brought in as a stray to Atlanta Animal Control was Jordan, who had been lost seven years before while Nuanes was having dinner with family.  Obviously, Jordan wasn’t on his own all that time… someone had to have been caring for him and have taken him all the way to Atlanta.

Click through to the story, it has a nice picture of Nuanes and Jordan’s reunion.  Really great story.