Pet Emergency?

During Hours Pet Emergency: Call us and let us know you are coming at 817-292-8655.

After Hours Emergency: Go to Fort Worth Emergency Animal Hospital at 4631 Citylake Blvd. West, Fort Worth TX 76132 or call them at 817-263-2900. They are a dedicated emergency hospital team that can help your pet during an emergency.

Pet Emergency




Types of emergencies that need immediate attention by a veterinarian:

    • Collapses/becomes very weak
    • Severe diarrhea or repetitive vomiting
    • Bleeds
    • Loss of appetite for more than 24 hours
    • Lethargy for more than 24 hours
    • Cannot urinate or defecate
    • Breathes rapidly, shallowly, or with difficulty
    • Develops a severe cough
    • Ingests a poison
    • Sustains trauma (hit by an automobile, jumps from a window, or other cuts or injuries)
  • Lengthy or repeated seizures