The Veterinarians

Veterinary Hospital Team

If you’re ever concerned about bringing your beloved pet to someone who may not be as qualified, or caring, as you’d like we certainly understand.  We feel the same way. Fortunately, the veterinary professionals at Animal Hospital Southwest have amassed over a century’s worth of experience. Bring your furry friend to our veterinary hospital and be assured that you are in very capable and caring hands.

Dr. Morris

Dr. Morris graduated from Veterinary School at Texas A&M in 1971. He has owned and operated Animal Hospital Southwest since 1975. Dr. Morris enjoys promoting preventive care for pets to keep them from getting sick and promoting the bond between a pet and it’s owner.

When not at the hospital, Dr. Morris spends his spare time running, bird watching and going to plays. At Animal Hospital Southwest, we all have our specialties that make us everyday super heroes. Dr. Morris has the special skill of being able to place catheters in a single bound. If he were a real super hero though, his would be the ability to thwart evil with a wisp of his finger.

Dr. Cooper

Dr. Cooper graduated from Veterinary School at LSU in 2004. She worked in a large and small animal veterinary hospital in Louisiana and a small animal hospital in Ohio before settling in Fort Worth. Dr. Cooper Joined the Animal Hospital Southwest team in 2008. She joined our team to practice veterinary medicine in a caring in environment with quality medicine. Dr. Cooper enjoys spending everyday at Animal Hospital Southwest promoting the human-animal bond.

Dr. Cooper’s spare time is spent with her family, including her two cats, Fluffy and Cutie Pie, and her dog, Nola. At Animal Hospital Southwest, we all have our specialties that make us everyday super heroes. Dr. Cooper has the special ability to get a sick pet to eat faster than a speeding bullet. If she were a real super hero though, she would like the ability to read pet’s minds and speak their language.

Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee graduated from the University of Georgia as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1973. He then moved to the DFW area so that his wife could attend the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Lee practiced small animal medicine in a Fort Worth veterinary hospital until the late 70’s, at which point he and his wife went to Rwanda on a mission trip. Dr. Lee spent the next 28 years in Africa, practicing large animal medicine and helping the less fortunate in Rwanda, Congo, and Tanzania. Dr. Lee speaks three languages (English, French, and Kinyarwanda), has two children, and five grandchildren.

Dr. Lee enjoys reading and spending time with his wife and family, including his boxer Sugar. Dr. Lee can perform a surgery in the blink of an eye, but if he were a real super hero he would have the ability to know the results of diagnostic tests before they were performed.