Support Team – Animal Hospital Southwest

‘We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
— Immanual Kant

Front Office


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Jody has worked for Animal Hospital Southwest, off and on, since 1982. She is the hospital administrator, and is a “Jill of All Trades,” handling all of the hospital purchasing, payments, compliance and record keeping, as well as assisting in the treatment area, radiology, and whatever else may be needed. Jody loves seeing all of our clients, from the ones that are new to the neighborhood to the ones who we’ve known for 40 years! She enjoys pottery and gardening, and has a Affenpinscher mix named Doc, a handicapped terrier named Otter, and a white cat named Casper.

Jody keeps the clinic running smoothly like a well-oiled machine, but if she were a real superhero she would be Mr. Fantastic.


Laina has worked both as a Technician and a Receptionist since she joined the team in 2008. She joined our team because she likes working with animals and talking with their owners.

Laina spends her spare time with her children and Lucy, her dog. At Animal Hospital Southwest, we all have our specialties that make us everyday heroes. Laina can facebook more powerfully than a locomotive If she were a real super hero, she would like the ability to read people’s minds so that she could better serve our clients.


Elizabeth has worked at Animal Hospital Southwest since 2000. She joined our team because she found the veterinary industry to be a place that offered many opportunities to learn new things.

On her days off, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family, including her two dogs, Hannah and Bo, and her two cats, Nemo and Sinatra. At Animal Hospital Southwest, we all have our specialties that make us everyday heroes. Elizabeth keeps our entire inventory managed like she can see a supply shortage from a mile away.


Elaine has worked for Animal Hospital Southwest since 1999. Elaine wears a lot of hats, having served, at one time or another, as a veterinary technician, a laboratory technician, groomer and receptionist, though presently her time is mostly spent as part of the front office staff. She has certifications through our lab services provider, IDEXX, to run and service our laboratory equipment, such as our hematology station and the blood chemistry analyzer. Elaine loves car racing, her grandchildren, and her chihuahua Annie Rose.

Elaine can draw blood with the unerring precision of a cyborg, but if she were a real superhero she would be Power Girl because she can smash infectious disease with a single swing of her fist.


Samn has worked for Animal Hospital Southwest as a kennel technician since 2012. She began working in the veterinary industry because she loves learning new things. She loves coming to work everyday to see her coworkers, our clients and the animals. She enjoys the fact that you never know what’s going to happen each day at the hospital… one day someone left a baby pig on our front step, and that was something Samn won’t forget.

Samn can organize the kennel like Batman’s locker, and if she were a real superhero she would be Samantha from Bewitched. Samantha is not a superhero but that’s what she wrote down so that’s what we’ve got.


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Veterinary Technicians


Rox joined Animal Hospital Southwest in 2000.  She originally came to work for us because of her lifelong love of dogs and cats, and what keeps her coming back every day is teaching clients about best practices in animal care.  Even after so many years working in the hospital, Rox says that every day she still learns something new.

Because of her many years’ experience, Rox’s favorite thing to do at the hospital is teach her coworkers new skills and techniques.  If Rox were a real superhero, she says that she would have the power of invisibility so that she could see what all the dogs are doing when no one is watching.


Rudy joined the team in 2014, when he decided to change careers after attending veterinary technician classes. He is motivated to learn something new every day, and came to work at Animal Hospital Southwest because of its family oriented atmosphere and because he respected the care and attention afforded every client.

Rudy has two pit mixes, Mookie and Daisy, and enjoys spending time with his brother and nephews at ballgames, as well as fishing, barbecuing and other family activities. Rudy can clean the hospital faster than a speeding bullet, and if Rudy were a real superhero, he would be The Juggernaut… no obstacle could stop him from advocating best medicine.


Linda retired after 30 years in retail management and became a Certified Veterinary Technician because of her passion for cat rescue. In addition to her duties as a veterinary technician at our hospital, she also fosters rescue kittens, participates in “trap-neuter-rescue” operations, and attends adoption events to find homes for orphaned cats.

Linda loves to promote feline wellness, find homes for homeless kitties, and promote best practices to control the homeless pet population.


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Other Staff


Laura has worked at Animal Hospital Southwest since 2007. She loves working with animals, and loves training training animals, in particular. She is passionate about studying animal behavioral science, and has a dog named Matilda and two cats, Garfield and Maxine.

Laura can command the attention of the dogs in the kennel with her calming gaze, and if she were a real superhero she would be The Beastmaster.




Kelly began working for Animal Hospital Southwest in 2002 as a groomer. She is passionate about making pets look their best! She has always been an animal person. What she likes most about her job is that she starts grooming a dog when it is a little puppy, and gets to watch it grow to adulthood like it’s her own pet.

She can transform your pet like Optimus Prime, and if she were a real superhero she would be Edward Scissorhands.