Green Practices

The team at Animal Hospital Southwest believes that it’s important to reduce our impact on the earth.

To do our part to reduce in reducing our carbon footprint:

  • We have installed solar panels to reduce our nonrenewable energy usage.
  • Animal Hospital Southwest endeavor to recycle all paper, cardboard, and aluminum.
  • Thanks to the community, we reuse newspaper from the community in our kennel and litter boxes.
  • We have reduced our usage of paper and use recycled paper when we do print materials for our clients.
  • We are active with groups that practice TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Release). TNR helps control the population of homeless cats that put predatory pressure on our native Texas wildlife and birds.
  • Dr. Morris and his wife Jody are active in conservation efforts to increase the population of native Texas bluebirds.
  • Many of our staff members drive low emission, hybrid, or all electric vehicles.

Our Animal Hospital is dedicated to pursuing further efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.